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2020 - The trending career path

A bright commencement of 2020, welcomes you with the most demanding jobs. The current lifestyle influences change and nothing is permanent. So, as a fresh college pass- out, what profession should you focus on to get infinite job opportunities as a career starter? If you are curious and are reading this, then you are a step ahead of all of the other freshers! Why? Because here you will get the future insight into the careers which are booming i.e. the career in which you should work and consider becoming a professional at it. 

Information Technology

Every other day, there is a new invention which makes our life easier. There are apps for almost everything. There are genii and visionaries with innovative ideas! This is the main reason that the current industry demands Information Technology professionals to create their vision into reality. The job opportunity in this sector is skyrocketing with the advancement in technology. This profession is one of the highest paying professions with a future of never-ending demand. 

The world needs more IT professionals to make the world a better place by technological advancement so that no one is left behind in making their dreams into reality. The latest and new technologies focus on the skillset that works parallel with the company’s vision and create effective outputs. This profession falls in the hottest jobs due to the increased demand for smart cities, artificial intelligence to be used in electronic items, etc. This career path is filled will unlimited abundance of opportunities for the coming years. 

Motivational Speaker: The art of using words to heal mind and body

With so much advancement in each sector, is there a way to bring peace to your souls? This is a question which everyone asks themselves every now and then. The best part about 2020 is that people are getting aware of the fact that as we step in the field of digital advancement, we should work on our mental peace too. 

People are focussing on creating a way to balance our minds and body. The profession of being a motivational speaker may be new to some people but this profession is how you can work in making the world a better place and heal it with your wise words. You must have heard of ‘Mind Valley’ these days, this is just an example of how people are coming together to live a better life with balancing their life. 

If you have been always good at influencing people and guiding them towards success, then the year 2020 is the gateway for you. Why this year? Because now, people are ‘Ready’ to ‘listen’ to you and implement your advice in their lives. 

When you connect with a large audience all over the world, you expose yourself to a huge opportunity in making their lives better, bringing them peace and guiding them towards success. 


With the advancement of technologies, there is a high demand for healthcare professionals. The latest technologies help humankind to survive even in the most crucial state. The biggest and best healthcare companies now focus on escalating their workforce to give this world with the best healthcare services. The latest technology helps healthcare professionals deal with the disease and health issues which were nearly impossible a decade ago. 

This sector is in need of a dedicated workforce that has a clear vision of using the updated facilities for the betterment of the current generation. The minds which are always exploring to bring out the ways in which one can fight with health issues and other factors are always in demand.

The demand for Psychologists and Physiotherapists working together: In the health care industry, till now we were just dealing with the issues physically and not going deeper into the roots of the arising cause. The current generation of healthcare experts has done numerous researches, gone through varied cases and realized we are not just a body but an entity with a soul. If we want to heal ourselves, we need to heal as a whole i.e. both our body and soul. A physiotherapist and heal the health issues on the outer section and give immediate relief and if the causes are recurring, the psychologist handle the case further to eliminate the root cause. The demand for open minds who crave to heal people is in high demand in the healthcare industry.

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