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Which one do you prefer -the job you love or the job that pays you well

The concept of securing your career by choosing a job with elite income and other benefits rather than the profession you adore is an old school concept. In today’s digital world of the internet, where there is a prevailing need for bulk workforce, elite services, and perfectionism, there is absolutely no space for security in career. This point of view is rather old. Confused? If the concept is old then why do people make you choose between job security and passion? The reason is as a young pass- out of school, the advice and guidance you get from old people. Their professional life was simple, they used to get hired in a company, worked their whole life in the same company and retired from there. If a person who thought outside the box by choosing a career they are passionate about and is a path less walked upon, then that person was criticized and embarrassed for choosing his passion as he was unable to earn a fixed amount regularly. But times have changed now, with the digital advancement, this concept has slowly faded away.

No job is secure unless you are extremely good at it. So, what should you choose as a profession? In life you will fall and experience dark days, nobody can promise a career path that is like a cakewalk. So, is there a way out? Yes, there is. When each of the paths is risky anyway, then choose what you love as a profession.

If you choose a job with a mindset of a secure future, then guess what? Your point of view is in the future, you don’t know how things will unfold if you choose a job with just having finance as its root. What you know is you will not be giving your heart to it as it is not something you love. This will always keep you at an average level at your job.

So, how to secure your career? The answer is within you i.e. choose what you love. Choose your passion and give your best at it! People will ask you, why are you doing this? Why are you taking this risk? The answer is simple. It is because, working in the direction is worth every fall you take, as you will never back down because you will be working for your passion. 

When you choose your passion as a career, you will not stay average, instead; you will be good at it and working towards becoming the best at it! This is what a successful career looks like when you are always ready to face challenges with a job you don’t want to take leave or escape from.


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