I am not able to login to my account. What should I do?
If you can’t login to your account, then you should reset your account immediately. If you are facing trouble in even resetting the account, then you should reach to our customer service team.
Why am I getting less or no responses at all for my job posted on the platform?
Will there be unnecessary competition between the companies and recruiters who are interested in posting jobs on their platform? If you think that due to presence of the other similar companies or recruiters of your industry, you will not be able to stand out of the crowd, then let us remind you that this is not the case here
How long will it take for my job to go live on Career Marshalplatform?
Once your job listing is ready, our team verifies it, to ensure that it fits our rules and guidelines. If everything is clear, then very soon you can expect your job to go live on our platform.
Is there any guarantee that my posted job listings will fetch the right job seekers?
We recommend you to frame your job description in such a way so that only the deserving and fit candidates apply for it.
Where should I check the responses received for my job posting?
You can login to your account and check out the notifications you receive and the e-mails your get.
How can I stop irrelevant resumes from landing in my inbox?
You can easily unsubscribe to those mails which you fine irrelevant.
How long would it take for my job to go Live on careermarshal.com’s site?
As you as you post a job at Careermarshal.com, you job becomes live at the website.
For how long a job remains live on the site of careermarshal.com?
The job posted on Career Marshal will remain active for a period of one month.
Why am I getting no/less response(s) for a job posted on careermarshal.com?
There can be situations when your posted job offer may not gather enough responses of job seekers for various reasons. Just try to give enough time to the job that has been posted on the platform. Kindly wait for at least a week before you decide to take any further action.
How does Career Marshal work?

Career Marshal connects recruiters and jobseekers at one platform. With a diverse array of services, we aim to furnish our recruiters and jobseekers with best possible facilities which would help them ace in their respective domains. The recruiters can post unlimited jobs and can reach lakhs of jobseekers and the jobseekers can discover thousands of jobs and can apply to them.

The recruiter can get the candidate on Career Marshal by:

  • Create Profile
  • Post a Job
  • Receive Applications
  • Interview the Applicants
  • Select the Candidate
  • Hire the Candidate
Why should I register with Careermarshal.com?
Career Marshal is a bridge that provides a secure platform for the recruiting firms and candidates to connect. Our impeccable services attract a gamut of traffic to our website which escalates the chances of you finding the best workforce for your business.
How do I register on careermarshal.com?
You can register on Career Marshal as a jobseeker by following the below mentioned process: • Click on Jobseeker Login. • Click on Create Account • Fill the Form and upload resume
I can’t remember the password for my account. How can I login again?
If you cannot remember the password of your account. You can click on ‘forget password’ button. You will get an option to get a password reset code on your registered phone number or e-mail address. Kindly fill that code and then you can re-set the password.
How to post a job on careermarshal.com?
You can register on Career Marshal as a recruiter by following the below mentioned process: • Click on Recruiter Login. • Click on Create Account • Fill the Form • Click on confirmation button
How to edit a job on careermarshal.com?
To edit a job on careermarshal.com: • Log in to your account. • Click on Edit Job & Save Changes
How can I remove/delete a job from the site of careermarshal.com?
To remove/delete a job on careermarshal.com: • Log in to your account. • Click on Settings. • Click on Remove/delete Job & Save Changes
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