Where are you real - LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat?

We as humans in general always tend to judge or analyse others and complain that people are multifaceted- they change their personality based on the situation. But have we ever taken time in analysing or judging ourselves? This period of self-isolation has helped many analyse themselves and understand the true essence of human nature. Now, this blog can help us all understand ourselves and also change the way we look at our fellow beings.

Let us take an example of the accounts maintained by the same person in different social media platforms. Have they ever been similar? No. Let us dig in deep. In LinkedIn people tend to be more formal and professional whereas, in Instagram, they try being more attractive and extroverted and in Snapchat, they are more personal and jovial. Does this mean they are faking it? The answer is a big no. This is what life is all about. No person can be of the same mood, same feeling and same attitude every day and everywhere. This is where the sixth sense of human beings comes to picture. We know when, where and how to behave. 

Does a person exhibiting different personality under different circumstances, need and situation should be coined a multifaceted and fake person? Is he leading a life just to impress others? Not at all. It is the beautiful truth of our lives. No human being can stay the same person throughout his life. Sometimes he likes being more subtle and introvert whereas sometimes he stays more open and joyous and sometimes he tends to disagree with others. The person is the same but the situation, the people whom he interacts with, his state of mind and many other factors influence the personality he reflects.

Let us consider a person who reflects the same personality of being calm and composed in all situation and circumstance, we will definitely tag him as a fake and boring person while if someone is happy and jovial all the time we tag him as an irresponsible person and a person who is too much involved in professional life as a workaholic. This has made something very clear that a person exhibiting different personalities under different circumstances is completely human and natural. Also, it is the main thing that keeps us more alive and truthful to ourselves.

Everything we judge in others is something within ourselves we don’t want to face.  Let us be the happiest people who are evaluating ourselves rather than the unhappy people who usually evaluate and judge others. Lets us be positive and spread positivity.

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