Job Fair

Job Fair

Career Marshal proudly bestows you the window of opportunities for all students, colleges and companies. Job fairs conducted by us are highly recognized, valued, publicized and greatly branded.

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Benefits For Companies

Hire Fresh Talent

This gives companies; access to hire potential students with high caliber from famous colleges. You get to interact with highly talented students, this gives you varied opportunities to convert them into your human resource conveniently.

Access to Bulk Resource

You get bombastic benefits while attending the job fairs at colleges. You can attract a large amount of skilled students in bulk.

Increase Goodwill

By gaining the above, you give them a chance to shine at your company which will increase the goodwill and growth of your business due to fresh candidates who crave to learn and get experience.

Benefits For Educational Institutions


The colleges also get to increase their ranking and recognition by interacting with huge companies. The institutions which will connect with Career Marshal will have a step towards developing their ranking and image among all educational institutions.

Attract more admissions

You are giving your students an opportunity to attend the job fairs conducted by us and giving them a platform to get hired by the best companies in the market! This will increase the number of admissions at your college.


Job fairs are the best way to promote your college or institute among students without spending a lot of money. This will reduce the overall cost and efforts.

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